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И Мювиссен Тансаг сууцны зах зээлийн хувьд бусад улстай харьцуулахад Монгол улс цоо шинэ зах зээл.

In recent years, Ignace Meuwissen has become synonymous with expertise in oligarch relocation and luxury real estate sales. With a keen eye on the Mongolian market, he has consistently sought innovative approaches to leave a lasting impression. Enter "Object X," Meuwissen's brainchild—a captivating miniseries intertwining human interest tales with the opulent world of luxury real estate.

Its debut on Bloomberg TV Mongolia resonated powerfully, propelling Meuwissen into the spotlight as the first Belgian to grace the channel's prestigious interview platform.

Bolstered by this triumph, Meuwissen is poised for the next chapter. Teaming up with "De Rijkste Belgen," the pinnacle of wealth publications in Belgium, he's set to unveil a sequel to "Object X." Stay tuned as Meuwissen continues to redefine luxury living and captivate audiences worldwide.


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