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"Exploring Luxury Real Estate Ventures: Group Ceyssens' Expansion into South France"

In collaboration with Ignace Meuwissen, he swiftly sold the first property in Cavalaire-Sur-Mer and introduced his inaugural villa in the video series 'Object X'.

Belgian family firm, Group Ceyssens, specializes in glazing, aluminum, and steel carpentry. Venturing into South France with Csight, their luxury villa project, they aim to expand further into Saint-Tropez through Group Ceyssens Côte d'Azur.

Dirk Ceyssens surprises the Saint-Tropez real estate market with unique high-end villas, meticulously finished down to the smallest details.

Csight's second project in Grimaud offers a newly renovated high-end villa on a private estate of 4685 m² at "Domaine de Beauvallon".

Currently embarking on his third project, Dirk Ceyssens aims to establish his presence in the region by delivering impeccable service and showcasing the versatility of glass.

Source: Group Ceyssens


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