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Meuwissen discovers new buyer's market for luxury real estate in Mongolia and surrounding countries

In recent years, Ignace Meuwissen has built up a reputation for being the expert when it comes to the relocation of oligarchs and the selling of luxury real estate. Recently, his attention focused mainly on the Mongolian market. As always, he was looking for a strong way to approach the market.

Meuwissen developed the miniseries 'Object X' in which human interest is linked to luxury real estate. The broadcast of 'Object X' on the Bloomberg TV Mongolia channel was an undeniable success, resulting, among other things, in Meuwissen being the first Belgian to be interviewed by Bloomberg TV Mongolia.

Because of this success he decided to make a follow-up series on 'Object X', in collaboration with 'De Rijkste Belgen', the prime edition in Belgium of The Rich List.

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