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Thank you, HRH Prince Abdulmajeed Bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud for your kind invitation!

We're looking forward to our Object X episode, regarding Arabian Horses!

Culture, Tradition and Innovation are at the heart of Akmal Stud, which really embodies what the Arabian Horse means for the Royal Family.

Akmal Stud is the new sophisticated Royal Stud owned by Prince Abulmajeed bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Born in January 2018, in a few months Akmal Stud managed to establish very good results around Europe, achieving its very first Silver medal during the AHO World Cup in Chantilly 2018.

The Horse collection of the farm has rapidly grown during 2018, gathering some of the most beautiful horses in the world, and very different bloodlines in order to establish and start a unique and innovative breeding program that is already witnessing its first results with the first foals.

During the year, the very well-known Pepita was added to the Akmal Stud's horse collection, as well as the little JJ Apha Danna, Argentinian Yearling Filly bred by Fernando Santibanes and the unique mare Anood Al Nasser.

At the World Championship 2018 in Paris Anood Al Nasser, beautifully showed by Glenn Schoukens, won the World Gold Medal as a Senior Mare, allowing HRH Prince Abdulmajeed bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to become the YOUNGEST WORLD CHAMPION IN HISTORY!

Let's see where his dream, his great vision and passion will lead him in the future, sure that the best is yet to come for him and his Stud!

Relive the Arabian Horse World Championship 2022

Beloved, adored, vilified, envied, criticised, imitated: the Paris World Arabian Horse Championship may change its shape, but never its values. Excellence, beauty, competition, quality: We’re here to highlight and unify all the expertise of the Arabian horse world!

More than 100 horses, more than 25 countries, more than 2,000 attendees, lots of personalities, committed owners, successful breeders, and horses at their best… These are just a few numbers representing a championship that is unique, unparalleled, and yet always grounded. Being the best is hard work!

The Arabian is a horse unlike any other. That’s why he deserves the best!

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