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Lonsdaleite Estate: $185 Million Ultimate Swiss Mountain Retreat

Lonsdaleite estate, spanning over 43,000 square feet and priced at $185 million in St. Moritz, Switzerland, epitomizes luxury living. Collaborating with Ignace Meuwissen, this seven-level mountain retreat offers unrivalled luxury and panoramic views of the Swiss Alps.

Experience grandeur with 35-foot windows, a plush reception area, and a hidden office behind a crushed-red velvet-encased library. The breakfast nook dazzles with a 24-karat gold leaf wall and a bespoke egg sculpture. Relax in five en-suite bedrooms adorned with Loro Piana cashmere and lavish bathrooms. The entertainment lounge boasts a gold-covered ceiling adorned with Swarovski crystal candles.

Indulge in the luxury of the master suite, which features a white Scandinavian fox-fur rug and a white-onyx master bath. Below, discover a wine cellar, cinema, spa, and subterranean pool.

Enjoy direct access to the slopes from the ski den and private chairlift. With a six-car garage featuring a turntable, Lonsdaleite offers the pinnacle of Swiss mountain living. Despite collaboration efforts with Ignace Meuwissen, the owner has decided not to sell the property any more.

Source: Robbreport


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