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About Ignace Meuwissen

Pioneering Confidentiality and Discretion in Estate Representation

Ignace Meuwissen, along with his wife Naomi El Haimer, founded Friends4East. This company represents confidential buyers and sellers of estates not on the market, primarily catering to Eastern European, Central Asian, and East Asian clients. The company also assists individuals and business families who have decided to relocate to Europe for strategic reasons. Meuwissen has gained a reputation as an influential advisor, having relocated the first Russian oligarchs to The Netherlands. The company is headquartered in Switzerland.

Ignace Meuwissen and his wife Naomi el Haimer

Unparalleled Success in Serving High-Net-Worth Clients

Meuwissen's career is filled with remarkable achievements. He gained global recognition through media coverage for his role during the sale of Villa Leopolda, which, at the time, held the record as the world's most expensive property, selling for an astounding $375 million. Additionally, he collaborated with Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea, to oversee the rental of the Millennium Suites. In 2011, he entered into an agreement with Hilton & Hyland to list Villa Lauriston, situated in Palo Alto. Additionally, he was personally requested by the Obama Foundation to organize a fundraising event for President Obama's second term.

Apartment in the Golden Triangle, 8th Arrondissement, Paris. Sold for €65 million by Ignace Meuwissen

Apartment in the Golden Triangle, 8th Arrondissement, Paris. Sold for €65 million, including 2 Maybach cars and 2 Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUVs.

He has engaged in numerous other collaborations, including properties like Villa Titanium (Ibiza) owned by David Guetta, The Legendary Beverly Hills House ($115 million, Beverly Hills), and Lonsdale ($185 million, St. Moritz. In 2017, Meuwissen achieved a groundbreaking sale by selling the most expensive penthouse in the history of Paris to a Kazakhstani family for €65 million. In 2019, he orchestrated a £500 million transaction with a private bank to facilitate the relocation of Eastern Europeans affected by Brexit.

In 2022, he listed Villa Aurora for €471 million, and a new business called Whisper Auctions was established to market off-market properties through private sales or auctions. In April 2023, Meuwissen reopened his office in Kyiv in collaboration with Mohammad Zahoor, a Ukrainian oligarch. In May 2023, he successfully conducted his inaugural Masterclass in the luxury real estate industry.

Innovative Marketing Initiatives

Regarding marketing, Meuwissen devised a tailored program that centers around publishing coffee table books titled "The Private Home" and "Object X," a mini-series delving into the captivating stories behind luxury real estate. The mini-series has been broadcast on Bloomberg TV and YouTube since 2021.

Expert Insights

Meuwissen has garnered media attention for his philanthropic endeavors. In 2017, he and his wife began supporting the foundation Mohammad Zahoor and Kamaliya established to aid children. Since 2022, they have extended their support to Ukraine in light of the invasion and even organized a private event in Antwerp, raising €285,000.

Coffee table Books

Media Features and Recognition

The couple's endeavors have been showcased on VTM's Telefacts and NED 2's Lauren by Lauren Verster. In 2022, Meuwissen was interviewed by the news channel NOS Journal, where he discussed the Ukraine invasion, and the interview was subsequently discussed in the Dutch parliament.

Meuwissen has published and edited several coffee table books in collaboration with Rolf Sachs and others through teNeues Publishing.

Meuwissen is one of the key speakers of Davos 2024

Meuwissen has been interviewed multiple times by Bloomberg, where he shares his vast expertise in the luxury real estate industry. In January 2024, Bloomberg Mongolia highlighted Ignace Meuwissen's importance at the Davos event, featuring an exclusive interview that provided rare insights into his perspectives on critical issues, including artificial intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT-4. Meuwissen shared nuanced thoughts on the potential risks and opportunities these technologies pose in the luxury industry.


The interview delved into the intricate dynamics of the luxury real estate market, with Meuwissen's expertise in off-market properties adding valuable depth to the conversation. Additionally, it explored the noteworthy trend of Asians relocating to the West, examining the implications and driving forces behind this migration. Meuwissen's insights illuminated the multifaceted landscape of the luxury industry, making the interview a compelling exploration of present and future developments in the sector.

Ignace Meuwissen VTM Telefacts
Ignace Meuwissen and his wife Naomi with Albert II of Monaco, and Mohammad Zahoor and his wife

Making a Lasting Impact

Meuwissen is widely regarded as a highly esteemed figure in the luxury real estate industry, with a distinguished career and significant philanthropic contributions. His unwavering commitment to his clients and his work has established him as an influential advisor and expert in his field.

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