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The Private Office

Single-Family Office

Through different organisations and holding corporations, including charities, the Private Office is either directly or indirectly participating and advising in residential properties, commercial real estate investments and communications products. By building long-term, sustainable market leaders, we take an entrepreneurial approach to investing in growth and generating wealth.

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Our approach has a palette for curiosity

The Private Office works closely with a variety of multi-strategy and multi-asset class Institutional investors, family offices, and UHNW-clients. Our strategy is mainly European to invest in real estate across sectors,

including Ukraine.

We invest in communication companies that are built to accomplish a social mission - to make the world more open and connected. Our mission may sound big, but it starts small - with the relationship between two people. We don’t invest in services to make money; we invest in companies that make money to build better services.

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The Private Office is a single-family office based in Switzerland, founded by entrepreneurs Ignace Meuwissen and Naomi El Haimer. The Private Office works separately from the head office of Ignace Meuwissen.

Contact us for further information.

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