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London, Kensington Palace Gardens: Billionaires Row Beckons with Off-Market Properties Exceeding £100 Million, Ignace Meuwissen Lists Prestigious Residence

Kensington Palace Gardens, affectionately dubbed "Billionaires Row," stands as a pinnacle of luxury in London's prestigious Kensington district. Guarded by sentry boxes and accessed through gated entrances, this enclave holds a storied past dating back to its establishment as a residential hub in the mid-19th century.

Originally named The Queen's Road, the street was later rebranded Kensington Palace Gardens, coinciding with the planting of majestic plane trees along its path. Situated on former Kensington Palace grounds, it hosts an array of opulent residences, with the Crown Estate retaining ownership.

Spanning half a mile, Kensington Palace Gardens is graced by elegant embassies and ambassadorial homes, exuding diplomatic splendour. While once primarily housing embassies, many properties have since been refurbished by the Crown Estate, now leased to private individuals, enhancing its allure as a coveted address.

Distinguished residents include figures from business, diplomacy, and royalty, as well as foreign diplomatic missions. Notable names like Lakshmi Mittal, Noam Gottesman, Princess Haya of Jordan, Len Blavatnik, and Roman Abramovich call it home.

Renowned luxury real estate expert Ignace Meuwissen adds to the street's prestige with a listing exceeding £100 million, further solidifying Kensington Palace Gardens' status as a haven for the elite. Despite its exclusivity, the enclave remains discreet and secure, fortified by armed police checkpoints and Victorian gaslight street lighting. These measures ensure tranquillity amidst minimal traffic, underscoring its reputation as a sanctuary of luxury and prestige in London's esteemed locale.


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