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Press Whispering: Unveiling Stories in a Gentle Murmur ,,Villa Leopolda €389.5 million,,

As real estate transactions increase in magnitude, they naturally attract attention and develop their own narrative online. However, our firm's policy is to maintain confidentiality regarding these transactions, even when they involve significant properties like Villa La Leopolda.

This renowned villa, previously owned by notable individuals such as Edmond and Lily Safra, recently changed hands for €370 million, with an additional €19.5 million allocated for its furnishings.

While Ignace Meuwissen may be mentioned in these transactions, it's important to note that such claims are neither confirmed nor denied by any party involved. Our priority lies in upholding confidentiality to safeguard against potential disputes or misunderstandings. Therefore, confirming or discussing these transactions publicly does not contribute any substantive value.


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