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Ignace Meuwissen is a renowned exceptional real estate advisor, world-wide trusted by ultra-high-net-worth individuals and influential business families. With over two decades of experience in representing confidential buyers and sellers of off-market estates, primarily for Eastern European, Central Asian, and East Asian clients, Meuwissen has established himself as an influential advisor in the exceptional real estate industry.

He continues to make waves in the industry and recently initiated Whisper Auctions, specializing in selling off-market properties. With Meuwissen's unparalleled expertise, personalized service, and impeccable track record, clients can trust that they are in the hands of the industry's best. Proficient in Dutch, German, English, and French, Meuwissen and his team ensure clear communication and understanding throughout the entire process.


Obama Foundation
World Economic Forum

Exceptional Real Estate Advisor to the Global Elite

Linkedinpost-Newsdirector of Bloomberg: Meuwissen @ Davos 2024



Ignace Meuwissen recently attended the World Economic Forum in Davos as an esteemed guest, thanks to invitations from Bloomberg and Ukraine House Davos. The focal point of this year's event centered entirely around Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

In his interview with Bloomberg TV Mongolia, Meuwissen explored the profound impact of AI, including ChatGPT, on the exceptional real estate industry. While AI unveils new possibilities, it concurrently triggers discussions surrounding privacy concerns for property owners.

The Word is Out! Whisper Auctions: Your Exclusive Gateway to Off-Market Real Estate Deals

Unlock the potential of off-market real estate with Whisper Auctions, your premier destination tailored to clients in East Europe, Central, and East Asia. With our founders boasting 25 years of industry expertise, we guarantee unparalleled insight and results. Harnessing a bespoke database, we deliver tailor-made solutions that exceed expectations. We are delighted to extend our invitation to Whisper Auctions and invite you to explore our portfolio.

Visit to learn more!

Ignace Meuwissen and associate Mohamad Zahoor
Building in water in Switzerland

Swiss Red Carpet

We specialize in relocation and setting up companies for management and the acquisition, financing, and management of European real estate, in complete distraction from the protection of inheritance issues. (Switzerland is not an EU or EEA member.)

On behalf of our clients, we created a small circle of well-trained household staff for placement, including the training.

Swiss Red Carpet is a collaboration between Ignace Meuwissen and friends with 25 years of service with HNWI & UHNWI families.

Discover a visionary opportunity in Kyiv, Ukraine, with Hotel Leipzig

Despite adversity, we see resilience; amidst conflict, we find potential. Owned by Mohammad Zahoor, Leipzig represents progress in a city rich with history and promise. Join us in reshaping Kyiv's hospitality landscape through strategic investment. Invest in individual rooms via a secure Swiss platform.

Early birds are welcome as we prepare for the hotel's post-war opening. Ignace Meuwissen and Mohammad Zahoor reopen their Kyiv Office, inviting new investors to join in Ukraine's progress. Stay tuned for updates on our latest projects and how you can participate.

Kyiv Leipzig Hotel
Villa in Spain

Object X

In this twelve-episode miniseries, real estate expert Ignace Meuwissen opens the doors to the properties of the super-rich.


Meuwissen teaches the Exceptional Real Estate industry

Due to the busy schedule, the Masterclass in Europe in 2024 will be limited to one session, which has already taken place. The masterclass in Asia is still ongoing.


The masterclass shorts will remain applicable, offering a two-hour opportunity to engage with Ignace Meuwisen on topics including the exceptional real estate industry.


Stay tuned to our agenda and join the next short during a breakfast event in a world-leading hotel in a European hotspot.

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