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Chelsea FC Offers its Millennium Suites to

LONDON and LUXEMBOURG, November 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- London football club Chelsea FC has just closed a deal with for its stadium VIP Millennium Suites. As from today, international property network PROPERTY4EAST will welcome its wealthy and influential clients who visit the capital in Chelsea FC's breathtakingly luxurious hospitality suites.

PROPERTY4EAST will offer Chelsea's VIP Millennium Boxes to the elite of its clientele visiting residential properties in the capital of England. These boxes are generally considered as the number one in international hospitality suites. The Chelsea VIP boxes are available for 16 to 24 persons and their prices range between GBP 700,000 and GBP 1,200,000.

Chelsea beats all competition

Spokeswoman of, Alexandra Levkov, revealed that several European top-class clubs competed for this unique cooperation where a famous football team would host unique soirees on a regular basis for the international stars and investors from PROPERTY4EAST's impressive network.

Chelsea's management policy, its passion and ambitions were the most convincing and mirrored PROPERTY4EAST's own policy and goals perfectly. 'By comparing the different top-class clubs in Europe and their hospitality offers, it soon became clear that the professionalism of Chelsea FC is of a rare quality. The club's hospitality is simply unbeatable: a true winner,' adds spokeswoman Levkov.

Spokeswoman Alexandra Levkov confirms that the London club entered the bidding because of the good relations between Chelsea's management and Ignace Meuwissen, Head of Private Desk Russian Clients at However, she also acknowledges that this exclusive deal was only signed after PROPERTY4EAST was assured of the mutual respect and that Chelsea considered this collaboration as a long-term engagement.

'Chelsea's devotion to hospitality and the glamorous appeal of London will make sure that when our clients enjoy a match from the much-acclaimed VIP Millennium Suites, the atmosphere will stimulate international networking to such a degree that the winners mentality so typical for this London club will instigate new business successes,' concludes Alexandra Levkov.

Source: PR Newswire

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