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"Exclusive Partnership Unveiled: Chelsea FC and Elevate Hospitality Experience in London"

Chelsea Football Club has recently forged a partnership with, securing exclusive access to its stadium's VIP Millennium Suites. As of now, Property4East's affluent clientele visiting London will enjoy the opulence of Chelsea FC's hospitality suites.

These VIP Millennium Boxes at Chelsea's stadium are globally renowned for their prestige, accommodating groups of 16 to 24 individuals at prices ranging from GBP 700,000 to GBP 1,200,000.

The decision to collaborate with Chelsea FC was carefully made, with several top-tier European clubs competing for the opportunity. Alexandra Levkov, spokesperson for, revealed that Chelsea's management ethos and professionalism closely aligned with Property4East's values.

While acknowledging the strong ties between Chelsea's management and Ignace Meuwissen, Founder at, Levkov emphasized the exclusive agreement's establishment required mutual respect and a long-term commitment from Chelsea's side.

This collaboration between Chelsea FC and is anticipated to foster international networking and business success. Levkov expressed confidence in Chelsea's dedication to hospitality and the allure of London, envisioning an environment where clients forge new connections while enjoying matches from the esteemed VIP Millennium Suites.

Source: PR Newswire


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