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Ignace Meuwissen is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated second season of Object X on Bloomberg TV, offering viewers an exclusive journey into the world of luxury real estate.

Joining Ignace are Benoît and Maxime Brizzi, alongside Clément Cattalano, three young entrepreneurs who founded a Monaco-based real estate agency. Limburg designer Piet Stockmans, renowned for his exclusive porcelain service for French celebrity chef Alain Ducasse in Monaco, will also be featured.

Ignace delves into various forms of investment favoured by affluent families,

including art investment with renowned artist Arne Quinze.

Viewers will gain insight into the historic significance of Villa Aurora, owned by Princess Rita, the world's most expensive residential building, currently valued at 470 million euros, adorned with a ceiling painting by Caravaggio and murals by Guercino.

Additionally, the episode revisits the story of Limburg entrepreneur Dirk Ceyssens, whose villa in Cavalaire-sur-Mer near Saint-Tropez sold for 8.5 million euros within three months, brokered by Ignace Meuwissen.


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